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Every weekend, we will compile a list of the top quidditch-related news clips for your reading pleasure. If you know of any articles you’d like to see included, please email them to Sarah Goad at

Teams flew in from all over the world last weekend to attend World Cup VII in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, and MORE

Texas Quidditch won World Cup VII. MORE and MORE

April 3, 2014

George Mason University’s quidditch team was profiled in this article. MORE

April 4, 2014

This radio station in Michigan briefly outlined the sport and discussed which Michigan teams would be attending this year’s World Cup. MORE

April 6, 2014

Tyler Watkins from the Grand Strand Sports Report gave an opinion of his experience at World Cup VII, remarking: “[Is this a sport?] I’m not sure. But, activity that is enjoyed by college kids; sure. Based on a game from the Harry Potter movies, this activity has a shelf life. The movie’s impact will fade and eventually the sport will, too. But, until that time comes, these kids are having fun and bringing money to the area. So, I say enjoy the game and quidditch while you still can.” MORE

April 6, 2014

This article recapped Canadian teams’ performances at World Cup VII. MORE

April 7, 2014

This article is about quidditch in Mexico. (Spanish) MORE

April 7, 2014

Scott Axel, beater for Pennsylvania State University Quidditch, was interviewed in this article. MORE

April 8, 2014

Indiana University made quidditch an intramural sport. MORE

April 8, 2014

Louisiana State University’s team has sought approval to become a club sport. MORE

April 10, 2014

Andrew Cresci debated the “legitimacy” of quidditch as a sport in this article over at SportsGrid, calling into question some of the usual things put forth by naysayers — such as the fluctuating rules and its co-ed nature. MORE

Interested in learning a bit more about our World Cup champs, U of Texas?  put together a phenomenal mini-doc featuring the top team during their 2013 Fall season. Check it out and pass it along!  

"Texas Quidditch, the (TWO-TIME) world champion varsity quidditch team of the University of Texas, won Quidditch World Cup VI in April 2013. However, they lost almost half of their team to graduation the following month, and faced a number of hurdles in rebuilding their team the following semester. Led by returning co-captain Augustine Monroe, Texas Quidditch reemerged with new faces and a new personality in Fall 2013, but with the same commitment to winning and hitting opponents hard that made them an unstoppable force at the previous World Cup. This film documents the ups and downs of their Fall 2013 season, and lends proof to the argument that quidditch is a real sport for real athletes."

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